Monthly Archives: July 2008

there but for the grace of god…

I’m so glad I’m not an Apple Release Engineer today. Four major releases today. iPhone 3G, iPhone Firmware 2.0, MobileMe, and iTunes 7.7.

It’s a huge task to synchronize all those releases and it eats up company resources like crazy. You have to have enough people to focus on each task separately.

MobileMe still isn’t working right. They’ve been extending the maintenance downtime further and further.

They have my sympathies.

goodbye Carbon and good riddence

From the documentation for GetProcessInformation()

You need to specify values for the processInfoLength, processName, and processAppSpec fields of the process information structure. Specify the length of the process information structure in the processInfoLength field. If you do not want information returned in the processName and processAppSpec fields, specify NULL for these fields. Otherwise, allocate at least 32 bytes of storage for the string pointed to by the processName field and, in the processAppSpec field, specify a pointer to an FSSpec structure.

no joke

Rollover Carbon, rock on OOP.