Monthly Archives: July 2007

AppleEvents: Apple’s worst documented API?

If you are trying to register a callback on getting a URL passed to your program through AppleEvents, don’t use the documented kAEInternetSuite and kAEISGetURL enums. They are defined as ‘gurl’, but the actual value passed to your program is ‘GURL’. From what I can tell, everyone defines their own enums because this is well known.

Apple can’t fix it though, because it would break everyone’s software. So they keep documenting it as ‘gurl’, and we keep redefining it to the actual value.


No flash for iPhone

I don’t want flash for the iPhone. People forget about how CPU heavy flash is. I don’t want a bunch of stupid punch the monkey ads running down my battery everytime I load a webpage. Many ads nowadays are Flash based and having all these tiny banner ad programs running in the background will be too much. The battery is already tottering on the edge of annoyingly frequent recharges.

Visual Studio 2005 Express…

sucks. The installation process for getting a build environment is the most painful series of steps I have ever taken in an install. You have to download the program. Then you download the SDKs. Then you have to edit the paths in the IDE. Then you have to open the project template files and comment out various obscure configurations if you want to have a workable setup.

Why are these many steps necessary? Thank god I’m already an engineer and could figure it out. For a Microsoft product, I’m really disappointed. Don’t they have a product manager for these things? Or do they just let anyone decide when to ship their software.

A little professionalism please, okay guys?