Monthly Archives: October 2006

GSoC 2006 writeup

The conference went great. It was an “unconference” were people reserve rooms to talk about whatever they want. If other people are interested, they’ll show up. I gave a talk called Rewarding Contributors that was about the various project management tricks I’ve done to pay back people who volunteer on Ardour. Sixteen people showed up and the following discussion, mostly with the Drupal team was very rewarding. There was applause afterwards. It was great.

Google’s campus was large and showed signs of rapid growth. They had over 40 buildings, I think. Their security guys were just dudes who sat under umbrellas in lawnchairs at the entrance to the driveway.

I had a good conversation with a couple of the Subversion developers, who work at Google. Their Poisoness People talk was particularly entertaining.

The whole thing really got me excited to work on Ardour again.

Also, the hotel was pretty nice. It had this late 50s intellectual motif. Lots of Jackson Pollock style paintings and such.

Google Summer of Code conference!

I’m going to the Google Summer of Code conference this Saturday. I’m flying out to San Jose tomorrow morning.

I’m pretty excited. I’ll be leading a discussion of cheap, homegrown ways to reward contributors to open source projects.

Then, I’ll fly to LA to visit some friends. And since I’ve never been to California before, this is all new to me. Too bad I won’t have time to check out San Francisco. Oh well.